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Satin Varsity Jackets

Satin Varsity Jackets

Satin Varsity Jackets

What is the Varsity Letterman Jacket?

A Varsity Letterman Jacket is a baseball-styled jacket traditionally worn by high school and college students in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to represent school and team pride as well as to display personal awards earned in athletics, academics or activities. Satin Varsity Jackets have different type materials for making these Satin Varsity Jackets like, Melton Wool, Leather, Cotton Fleece, Twill Cotton Polyester and Satin Materials. In 1950 Varsity jackets or Satin Varsity Jackets became popular when stars such as James Dean sported them in Hollywood movies.

Satin Varsity Jackets are not only used in school and colleges now, it used also on different occasion, events, casual wears and in fashion shows. Satin Varsity Jackets have different styles and names:

  • Classic or Standup Collar Letterman Jacket (it is standard / Classic Collar)
  • Shirt Collar Letterman Jacket (This type like shirt Collar)
  • Hoodie Letterman Jacket (This type like hoodie on top)
  • Zipper Hoodie Letterman Jacket (this type like zipper hoodie in center of hood)
  • Sailor Collar Letterman Jacket (This Collar type is Sailor always put on back top)
  • Byron Collar Letterman Jacket (This type Byron Collar at neck area)


This Varsity Letterman Jacket made of Top-Quality Satin Polyester for body and sleeves. We made it high quality acrylic ribbing bottom, collar and cuff. We made with high quality varsity snaps on front for closure jacket. You have option for this Varsity Letterman Jacket to use zipper on front instead of snaps. We used inside quilted diamond laser lining to make warm your Jacket. We used two pockets on front in Satin Polyester and one inside pocket. Partially zipper with inside lining is Optional with our all-varsity jackets because sometime you need to add patches or embroidery later. So, this feature give you option just unzip the lining and put any patch or embroidery on your varsity jacket.

You can customize your jacket in any way you want, you can add your own custom logos, names and designs. You can customize Jacket’s body and sleeves by matching your brand colors or any desired color and materials. You can even customize the acrylic knit ribbing on cuff, collar and waist. You can even customize buttons / snaps and pockets.


Customize Varsity Jackets or Bomber Jackets by clicking Jacket Builder Tool and Choose any jacket you want to design yourself. Following easy steps to online design on website:

  • Choose body material and color.
  • Choose pockets color that will be same material as per sleeves.
  • Choose Snaps Color.
  • Choose knit ribbing trim style and color.
  • Choose Classic Style Collar, Shirt Collar, Hood or Zipper Hood and color.
  • Choose sleeves material and color.
  • Write something on your jacket or put your logos on jacket.

After that you can decorate your jacket as per your requirements. You can put your logos, letters, names and numbers on front, back and on sleeves. Partially zipper with inside lining is default with our all-varsity jackets because sometime you need to add patches or embroidery later. So, this feature give you option just unzip the lining and put any patch or embroidery on your varsity jacket at your end.


We have lot of options to make the jackets with different combination of materials:

  • Satin Varsity Jackets complete satin body and sleeves.
  • Custom Letterman Jackets complete wool body and sleeves.
  • Letterman Jackets wool body and leather sleeves.
  • Varsity Jackets complete leather body and sleeves.
  • Varsity Letterman Jackets complete twill cotton polyester body and sleeves.



We have lot of promotions whole the years as per different occasions and events like Christmas and New Year, Valentine Day or some are special events for Satin Varsity Jackets discount. We offer special discount on these events. So, for special discount please see our notification bar and also mentioned on banners. Whole the year we run the promotion but fluctuate the promotion offer depend on events.


– Melton Wool 24-oz – Cotton Fleece – Twill Cotton Polyester – Satin Polyester
– Genuine Cowhide Leather Top Grain – Faux / Synthetic Leather
– Top Quality Polish Coated Snaps
– Ribbing in Acrylic 100% Acrylic cotton and 100% Polyester
– Inside Laser Diamond quilted lining
– Two Pockets on Front and One pocket inside as per Sleeves Material
– Partially Zipper with quilted lining


At   see below the option in our design tool of varsity jackets / letterman jackets.

  1. Design your Jacket.
  2. Place the Order.
  3. After the Payment, we will send you order copy, design, material confirmation via email and get approval from your first.
  4. After Confirmation you order and approval, we will start production of your order.
  5. When produced your order we will issue you courier tracking via email.

For the bulk orders school, college teams and wholesale business, we will give you better time frame but it depends on your quantity and requirements. so, for the bulk order email us and get the quotations with great discount.

How to design Varsity Jackets / Letterman Jackets ?

11 easy steps to design and decorate your jackets. If you have any question during the design your jacket you can ask us via email, we will happily to assist you.

  • Choose Body Material: We have 5 material options for body, Wool, Leather, Cotton Fleece, Satin and Poly Cotton Twill. You can choose any material for body.
  • Choose Body Color: You can choose any color from color Pallet/ Box.
  • Choose Snaps Color: You can choose Snaps color from color Pallet/ Box.
  • Choose Pockets Color: You can choose Pockets color from color Pallet / Box.
  • Choose Ribbing Trim Styles: You can choose ribbing trim style, single line, two lines or two lines with borders.
  • Choose Base Color of Ribbing: You can Choose any color for ribbing base from color Pallet / Box.
  • Choose Lines Trim Color: You can Choose any color for lines from color Pallet / Box.
  • Choose Collar Styles: You can Choose any Collar Style, Classic, Shirt Collar, Hooded or Zipper Hooded.
  • Choose Sleeves Material: You can choose any material Wool, Leather, Cotton Fleece, Satin and Poly Cotton Twill. You can choose any material for sleeves.
  • Choose Sleeves Color: You can choose the color for sleeves from color pallet / box.
  • Decoration of Jacket: You can fully decorate your jackets; you can write the letters or name and also you can choose the image for the embroidery. We have following locations for embroidery decoration:

How Put Embroideries

  1. Right Chest Embroidery
  2. Left Chest Embroidery
  3. Right Pocket Embroidery
  4. Left Pocket Embroidery
  5. Back 3 embroideries location, top, center and bottom.
  6. Right Sleeves embroidery
  7. Left Sleeves embroidery

You can Design Varsity Jackets

Top 5 reason to choose us

  1. HSN WEARS Biggest Manufacturing brand in varsity jackets / letterman jackets field.
  2. Lot of embroidery machine for your embroidery and patch work.
  3. Top Quality materials leather, wool, satin, twill cotton polyester, cotton fleece and other relevant material stock maintain for one year.
  4. Lot of employees to handle your order. We have complete Production, staff, Quality Control (QC), Designers and export departments.
  5. Contact with customer 24 hours and updating 100% regarding the orders. World fastest delivery time frame in each order bulk or single. Even you can get your all order just in 12 to 15 days only, also contact with us through live chart, WhatsApp and Facebook.


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