What is a varsity jackets? Perhaps no other jacket on earth is associated more with American culture than the iconic varsity jacket. Today, everyone from boarding school preps to the most discerning streetwear sartorialist can be seen rocking one on a regular basis in all types of settings and climates.

It’s impossible to credit the jacket’s success and diversity to any singular reason, but its aesthetics and history are a good start. Thus, for our third edition of Back to School, we take a look back on the iconic piece of outerwear. Check out the whole story below.

The term comes from the practice of awarding each such participant a cloth “letter”, which is usually the school’s initial or initials, for placement on a “letter sweater” or “letter jacket” intended for the display of such an award. In some instances, the sweater or jacket itself may also be awarded, especially for the initial award to a given individual.Today, in order to distinguish “lettermen” from other team participants, schools often establish a minimum level of participation in a team’s events or a minimum level of performance in order for a letter to be awarded.

Teams Varsity Jackets

A common threshold in american football, basketball and baseball is participation in a set level, often half, of all quarters in a season.Some schools continue to base the awarding of letters according to performance, in team sports requiring a certain number of scores, steals, baskets or tackles, according to position and sport. In individual sports letters are often determined according to qualification for state meets or tournaments.

High School Varsity Jackets

Other schools award letters on a more subjective basis, with the head coach, usually with the input of other coaches and sometimes student team leaders who have already lettered, awarding letters for substantial improvement as well as significant performance on or off the field. This places much more emphasis on character, commitment and teamwork as well as, and often in place of, simply playing enough or meeting some other time or performance requirement. Sometimes in high schools academic performance in classes can also be an element. This philosophy gives more focus to developing and rewarding a well rounded and balanced player, where other methods focus strictly on athletic performance and on the field victories.

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